Scout Sunday

February 15th, 2015
St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, Asheville, NC

Mass began with offering peace to our neighbors and intruducing ourselves to the church members.
Pastor In-Yong Lee read the announcements and started Mass.
The color guard presented the colors. Everyone said the pledge of allegiance and the Scouts said the scout oath. There were 27 Scouts and their parents in attendance.
The Pastor introduced Assistant Scoutmaster Greg Mosher who talked about the history of the troop and the church as our sponsor. He spoke of the Scout oath and how it refers to God and family. Also how a Scout is reverant.
Jonathan Prock did the scripture reading I. Corinthians 9 : 16-23
It was a good mass and we are grateful for the church supporting us and they are proud of Troop 91 Scouts and leaders.

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